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Every once in awhile I like to watch HGTV’s show about people buying homes in exotic locales. Last night, the show featured a British couple looking for a getaway in Marrakesh. The homes they toured all had beautiful tile work. Kate Spain’s Fandango line echoes those intricate patterns. Her blog hints at a fun new line on its way this winter.


 Last week, I picked up four yummy fat quarters from designer Carolyn Gavin’s Wild Thyme line. Amazing how she captures spring in just a few simple lines and gleeful colors. They’re as hopeful as seed packets–but require no onerous digging or weeding! For more happy, smily eye candy, head over to Carolyn’s blog.

Just when I’m this close to gnashing my teeth if I see one more bird-inspired fabric, artwork or graphic design, along comes Wendy Slotboom with a line called Frolic.  So sweet and playful…really, what’s not to like? Here’s Wendy’s blog

OK, fabric floozies, ‘fess up: You’re almost as mad for buttons as you are for fabric. My sister and I expanded our button stash yesterday at Banasch’s outlet, where you can fill a bag for just $2.

Then, I came across this post from artist Polly Law on her blog. Lucky gal… let her tell you how she came to inherit this bowlful of beauties. The photo is Polly’s. Take the time to poke around her Etsy site and you’ll see her gorgeous artwork, too.

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the ad slogan, “A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.” Even if you don’t have a carton of OJ in the fridge, you can enjoy a pop of orange everyday–with fabric, of course.

I love the orange shot Sandi Henderson added to her new line of fabric.

Sandi’s site shows her fabrics and adorable Portobello Pixie patterns.

Even my kids don’t want more snow days off from school. Here’s to redbud trees blooming and the floaty flowers of dogwoods. Visualize spring with Laura Gunn’s new line of fabric from Michael Miller.

Laura’s blog explains how her fabric designs go from paintings to yardage.

At the Daddy-Daughter Dance last night, my daughter “won” one of the centerpieces: A fishbowl, complete with a goldfish. So, now we have a new pet. Hmmm… this kind of thing would never happen at a mommy-daughter event.

In honor of “Fishie” here’s a sweet print from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

Designer Pat Bravo’s new collection Filigree embraces one of my favorite color combos right now–acid-y yellow with shades of gray. Use her fab fabrics in one of her fab patterns!

It’s true…I’ll do almost anything for fabric. I’m a fabric floozy. How about you? Let everyone know with your own super-cute t-shirt that says it all. Perfect for those stash-expanding trips to the fabric shop!

My first baby turned 11 this week. The nursery we planned for him was decorated with sweet polka dots in pastel shades. Now that he’s older, this bouncy dot fabric  reminds me of his energy, curiousity and sweet personality. Plus, it would make a great, graphic addition to my stash. Happy Birthday, Sam!

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