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No rain for a long time–everything outside is parched and crunchy. Maybe it will rain tonight…

Looking for a fabric line drenched with color, I found Sunny Daze by Alice Kennedy. Teals, greens, yellows, pinks and oranges. Thirst-quenching.


So, while procrastinating on my office-cleanout project, I browsed through the new fall fashions from Garnet Hill today. Uh oh. I’m in lu-uh-ove with this skirt in a beautiful pink-brown shade they call Desert Rose.  

The whole catalog is filled with dusty shades of gray, teal and petal pink. Designer Jenean Morrison got the muted colors memo, too, but her Wild World prints for Free Spirti fabrics are pure fun.  

With the art show behind me, I promised myself I would launch the Big Office/Sewing Room Cleanout today.

Hoo boy.

Weeding out does have its advantages: In a “tickler” file, I came across an article on Susan Steinbrock, who paints silk and other textiles. Her web site shows beautiful handpainted baby quilts like this one.  

Ain’t no secret I’m a Project Runway fanatic. Always, the designers wow me with what they can create in just a few hours. Here’s a new fabric from Kokka in honor of all sewists.

I wish I already had a utlilty apron made up in this fabric to wear in my booth at the Loveland Art Show this weekend. Maybe next year….

Intrigued by a piece Jude Hill wrote for the latest issue of Quilting Arts, I went searching for her blog and online shop.  I find her cloth-on-cloth work so moving; it’s almost like archeology–or maybe alchemy.

Jude creates art from the most humble scraps. Here’s a sample of her work titled Spirit of Believing. I can’t wait to take one of her online classes.

It’s the eve of my wedding anniversary: Something to celebrate. Love the energy of this Celebration fabric by Masha D’Yans. See more at Masha’s blog.

The powder room of the house my family moved into when I was 10 had wallpaper picturing poodles going to the beauty salon. Some walking in with their little poodle purses, other poodles sitting under those bulbous hair-dryers, and other poodles in curlers. You can’t make this stuff up.

All that poodle-primping came rushing back to me when I spotted this charming print, Ooo La La by Kathy Hall for  Andover. Wouldn’t this make a fun spring bag?

Do you love purple? Not me. My daughter could live in it, but she’s 8. I remember my purple passion. At 10, I talked my mom into painting my room purple. Lilac, actually. Yecch.

I want to like purple. Really, I do, but usually shades of purple leave me underwhelmed.

This fall, though, I came across several prints in a deeper, plummier purple–almost raspberry. Now we’re talking. I’m feeling the purple love–especially with a graphic print like this one in mulberry from designer Marcia Derse. It’s called “Bullseye.” Yes ma’am.

Ummm, Marcia? Where have you been all this time? Oh, now I see…making stunning art quilts. Gorgeous.

Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria Horner

On winter’s gray days, I crave color like a hue junkie. Maybe that’s why I’m such a sucker for the reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day.

It won’t be long, I tell myself, until the brown branches outside my window will pop with spring green buds. Then, it will be the forsythia’s turn to cascade in yellow, followed by frilly daffodils.


Until then, I feed my color addiction by following the blog of fabric designer Anna Maria Horner. Anna Maria’s fabrics are so color drenched I want to drink them. How can you not love someone who gives colors names like “azalea,” “berries” and “festival”? Ready for pure eye candy? Go to

Craving more? Check out Anna Maria’s new book: Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing

Picture Jane Jetson dreamily designing a quilt for her son, Elroy. This new fabric from Michael Miller ( would surely be in the running. The main fabric shows robots reveling in summer camp activities in Bot Camp. Great mixers include checks, stripes and a large scale camp scene.

Or, Jane could go with Spacebots from Clothworks Textiles  ( and download the site’s free quilt pattern using the Spacebot designs. Good thing Jane programmed her robotic maid, Rosie, to use the rotary cutter!

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