OK, Anna Maria Horner: you are officially my hero. Check out her new line, Innocent Crush. This beauty? It’s velveteen. Yum. And, as always, Anna Maria’s blog is a fun look into her life.



I’ve been doodling branches and leaves lately, maybe that’s why this pattern from Erin Reis’ Milly fabrics caught my eye. Fun, fresh florals complete the line.

The Modern Meadow line from designer Joel Dewberry isn’t brand new, but something about this colorway is perfect for the view out my window today. You can read more about Joel and his wife on their blog.

Dorit Elisha’s beautiful fiber artwork is perfect for an October day. With too little rain and too much September heat, there aren’t very many colorful leaves this year here in Ohio. Nice to have Dorit’s reminder of autumn’s awesome beauty. Love the name of Dorit’s blog, too:  Life as a Five Ring Circus.  How many rings are in your circus?

So, have you ever picked up a tattered piece of centuries-old clothing and immediately thought, “I can make this into a breathtaking owl?”

No, neither have I.

But Ann Wood does. She fashions the most amazing birds, boats and bats out of salvaged tidbits, scraps and buttons. You can find more of her awe-inspiring creations on her website and read about her creative process on her blog. Below is one of her amazing owls.

Every once in awhile I like to watch HGTV’s show about people buying homes in exotic locales. Last night, the show featured a British couple looking for a getaway in Marrakesh. The homes they toured all had beautiful tile work. Kate Spain’s Fandango line echoes those intricate patterns. Her blog hints at a fun new line on its way this winter.

OK, I get it. Hand-dyed fabrics are gorgeous. I made up a mini-quilt last week using the most precious 2-inch squares of hand-dyed fabrics from Rainbow Dyes. I’d bought the squares at a local quilt show–Rainbow Dyes had packed a snack-sized baggie to overflowing with probably 100 squares in incredible colors. So eye-popping; they’re almost good enough to eat. Here’s just a teensy sample of one of their straw-dyed fabrics.

Pumpkins at the farmers’ market today, even though it’s still summer-hot. Pumpkins lead to orange…which leads to this vintage fabric from DeWitt & Co. What’s old looks decidedly new, yes?  

No rain for a long time–everything outside is parched and crunchy. Maybe it will rain tonight…

Looking for a fabric line drenched with color, I found Sunny Daze by Alice Kennedy. Teals, greens, yellows, pinks and oranges. Thirst-quenching.

So, while procrastinating on my office-cleanout project, I browsed through the new fall fashions from Garnet Hill today. Uh oh. I’m in lu-uh-ove with this skirt in a beautiful pink-brown shade they call Desert Rose.  

The whole catalog is filled with dusty shades of gray, teal and petal pink. Designer Jenean Morrison got the muted colors memo, too, but her Wild World prints for Free Spirti fabrics are pure fun.  

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